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Friday, November 4, 2011

Employers Add 80K Jobs, Rate Dips to 9 Pct: Progress but we need much more

Any drop in the Unemployment Rate is good news especially since we haven't had one since July. And we've had an Unemployment Rate of 9% or higher since 2010. But 80K jobs in a country as big as ours with an economy as big as ours with a workforce the size of ours. Is not a great number, we should be creating twice as many jobs each month. Even in an economy as weak as ours because we have the resources to do so. Its just a matter of utilizing those resources that we have and the President and the Democratic Senate. Is trying to pass things that will stimulate the economy. But haven't been able to work our any Economic Package with the Republican House or Senate Republicans. Senate Leader Harry Reid has brought up three bills in the Senate the last three weeks. But the Senate GOP Leadership keeps blocking them along with a few Democratic Senators. Things like aide to State and Local Governments so they don't have to lay off teacher or Emergency Personal. As well as a National Infrastructure Bank something that has Bi Partisan support at least in the Senate. But is now being blocked there by Senate Republicans. Both bills that would be paid for by a Millionaires Tax but of course House and Senate Republicans are saying no to any Tax Hikes right now.

There are a lot of things that we can do to boost the economy right that we should be doing. Especially with the Holiday Season coming or already here. A National Infrastructure Bank would be one of them to get Infrastructure Investment going in America again. And doing something to relieve Consumer Debt with a Tax Deduction. For people in the Middle Class to write off at least parts of their debt, followed by another Tax Credit. To encourage people to start spending money again and get Consumer Spending going again. And a Payroll Tax Holiday again to encourage Consumer Spending. And since President Obama is not getting much cooperation with Congressional Republicans in trying to pass a Economic Package. The President has moved to moving job bills through by Executive Order to keep people working. Maybe that will get Congress to start cooperating and start working together, which would be good news. Politically as well with all of those incumbents in Congress up for reelection next year. 469 out of 535 members in both parties which may be the only thing that gets an Economic Package passed in this Congress.

A drop in unemployment is good news and had it not of been for all the educators and Emergency Personal. That have been laid off the last few months, which is one reason why the President and Democratic Senate. Have been trying to pass State Aid so these governments don't have to lay off as many people.