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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

US Charities Endure Hard Times: How to help People in Poverty in Tough Times

Of course in a recession like this with how much the economy shrunk in 2008-09 and with the economy barely recovering now. Even though it picked up to 2.5% last quarter but still not enough. To save Federal, State and Local Governments from having to cut their budgets even in Social Services. That help Low Income people and other people and of course with people struggling to just pay their own bills if that. They are not going to be as willing to donate money to other people and charity's and of course charity's. And the people they are there to help suffer as a result, which is what is happening right now. Which is fighting poverty whether it comes from the Public or Private Sectors. Has to be about not just helping people when they can't take care of themselves, but empowering them to become Self Sufficient. Which gets to education, Job Training and Job Placement which would save a lot of these Public and Private Services. Because not as many people would need them or need them as long. But also find Funding Formula's that would essentially guarantee the funding of these services. So they are not as dependent or dependent at all on Tax Revenue which is dependent on the economy obviously. Or people donating to them, because they would always have the revenue that they need. To serve and empower the people that they need, whether its Food Assistance, Income Assistance, Housing Assistance, Healthcare, Health Insurance whatever it may be.

This is why I support giving all the Federal Government Social Insurance programs. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Welfare Insurance, Public Housing, Food Assistance. Independence and autonomy turn them over to the States not to be run by them but run independently of them. Turn then into Non Profit Semi Private Community Services with each State having its own system, with their own Revenue Sources. And have them have to follow the same rules as Private Community Services. And change their missions especially the services that have to deal with Low Income people and the unemployed. From a support role as they are now and convert them to Empowerment Centers as well as Support Centers. To support people while they can't take care of themselves but also empower those people so they can become Self Sufficient. And again that gets to education, Job Training and Job Placement and with the homeless that might mean Healthcare. Physical and mental and help them with that, so they can get and education. And then so they can get a good job and their own place to live and become Self Sufficient as a result.

The worst thing about recessions like this, is of course the amount of damage that they do to the economy. With peoples incomes sinking with them becoming unemployed and everything else. But also the damage that it does to the Less Fortunate the people who can least take care of themselves. And are dependent on these Social Services just to survive and when a recession like this hits. They get hit the fastest and the hardest, which is why we need to establish a system. So we can empower more people to become Self Sufficient and do it faster.