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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Robert F. Kennedy: A man who saw things that never happened and wondered why not

When I think of Robert F Kennedy I think of man who saw the vision of what America could become if we lived up to our Full Potential. Someone who could see what the country could become and saw America as a great country. The greatest country in the World but that it wasn't as great as it could be or should be. So it could work for the whole country and not just a special few and the well connected. A man who didn't think it was bad that people succeed on their own. And made successful lives for themselves and their families and even earned a lot of money. But wanted all americans to be able to have that opportunity, not punish the successful for being successful. And saw 25% of the country living in poverty was way too many. Especially for the richest country in the World and that we as a country had to do something to help these people. Empower them to have the opportunity to get a good education, work hard, get a good job, make a good living. And be Self Sufficient in life and not live in Deep Poverty either in Urban Centers or in Rural Communities, that Sen. Kennedy didn't believe in bashing America. But he wanted America to work better so the whole country can benefit from the vast wealth that America has as a country.

I don't see Bobby Kennedy as someone who laid down policy's and had a huge agenda for how America could work better. Like Lyndon Johnson, Franklin Rossevelt or even Bill Clinton. But as a man sorta like Barack Obama today as someone who laid out where we are as a country. Where we've come from and where we need to go and laid down the goals that America should achieve as a country. And then was open to ideas perhaps even from all sides, on how to get there. Which is a lot how President Obama governs today but with mix results and had Sen. Kennedy been elected President in 1968. I believe his first 2-3 years as President would've looked somewhat similar. Because I don't believe he would've came to the White House saying this is what the agenda is for the next 100 days. And these are the policy's that we should accomplish, except for in Civil Rights and Foreign Policy. Where I believe his policy's and views were a lot more clear, he would've set out to end the Vietnam War right away. If not pull out all together and then try to open relations with the Soviet Union and gone from there.

Sen. Ted Kennedy Bobby's younger brother obviously, said that at his brother's funeral in 1968. That his brother said that "some men see things that never are and wonder why". And that Bobby "dreamed things that never happened and wondered why not". And I believe thats the best way to sum up Robert Kennedy's Political Career as a Senator from New York and later Presidential Candidate. I believe Sen. Kennedy saw the vision of what America could become as a country. But perhaps didn't have the ideas on how we can get there as a country.