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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Palestinians Won't Stop Statehood Drive: This could lead to Negotiations with Israel

I guess Palestine could call themselves a country right now thats independent of Israel, but I guess someone could call themselves an elephant. Doesn't make it true, only elephants are elephants and only countries are countries. At best Palestine as an Independent State would be like a much smaller version of Somalia. Without as many poor people or people starving but still with the inability to govern and defend themselves. They would be a country without a Federal Government to govern the whole country. With the Palestinian Authority led by the Fatah Party governing West Bank and Hamas not much more then a Terrorist Organization. A very well equipped Terrorist Organization sorta like a small military. Much better equipped then the Palestinian Security Forces which is suppose to be part of a government.

Cyprus is divided between two governments as well. A Turkish Government and a Greek Government and somehow they've managed to share one island without destroying each other. But they both have capable governments capable of governing their share of the island. Palestine has the Palestinian Authority that has corruption issues and thats not capable of defending West Bank. They don't even have a Tax System yet, they get their money through Israel if you can believe that, the Arab League, European Union, United States and others. Palestine is not ready to be an independent country yet they still have some steps they have to take. But calling for statehood and demanding statehood would do a positive thing. It could bring or force Israel to the negotiating table and tell Israel that they are serious about wanting their independence. And get them to negotiate with Israel.

What Palestine has to do is what happened in the Balkans where those States broke away from Yugoslavia. But those States had Opposition Parties that were capable of governing the whole country. With some help from Europe and America, Palestine is not there yet. They have a responsible government in the Palestinian Authority. That if they had full control of Palestine and not just half of it in West Bank, then Palestine would be much farther along in getting Statehood. Something that even Israel wants for Palestine under certain circumstances because they don't want to occupy Palestine forever. Because the Palestinian Authority led by President Mahmoud Abbas are the adults in Palestine. But Hamas is in charge of Gaza and they are not much more then terrorists that want to govern all of Palestine and knock Israel off of the map. For a greater Palestine something that of course Israel would never go along with.

So what Palestine needs to be able to do before they can become and Independent State, is be able to show they can govern all of Palestine with one Federal Government. Not two Federal Governments, that won't be a threat to their neighbors or sponsor terrorism and where their neighbors wouldn't be a threat to them either.