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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bill Maher: "Democrats Are the New Republicans": Sorry Bill your wrong

Apparently Bill Maher doesn't get out of his studio or New York or Los Angeles enough, to believe that democrats are now republicans. And we essentially have one Political Party with two factions. Democrats and republicans, if you look at the Federal Government now on every major issue. Just look at how the White House relates with Congress. They can't agree on anything, both parties have different political positions and policy's on everything. Look at Health Care Reform, Economic Policy, Fiscal Policy, Foreign Policy the latest Debt Ceiling agreement. Another thing that is different is that you have more discipline in the Republican Party. This is what we want to do, this is our position and then they pass it out of the House. And tell democrats its our way or nothing and nothing is usually worse then doing something. So democrats accept at least the goals of what the Republican Leadership is trying to do on key issues. And democrats get a couple of bones in return, like cuts in defense to use as an example. Republicans come out looking strong and democrats look like they caved at least to their Far Left base. And the President and the Democratic Leadership takes a big hit at least from Bill Maher and others. People who tend to support democrats.

The problem with American Politics is that we don't have one party with two different factions. The problem with American Politics, along with a lot of our Leaders. Is that we have a Two Party System in a country of 310M people where because of this. We have two parties that are made up three parties each, because the minor factions in each party have no where else to go. So when the Leadership of both parties works with the other party to pass something. The minor factions from both parties freak out and complain that both parties are the same. As we see in this video with Bill Maher, so what I believe we need to do as a country, is to expand our Party System. To me our country is made up for the most part in five major Political Factions. That are currently all represented in the Democratic and Republican Parties.

Liberals who tend to be democrats, conservatives who tend to be republicans. The Democratic Party should be the home of the liberals such as myself. The Republican Party should be the home of the conservatives. But what makes it more complicated, is we also have Democratic Socialists like Dennis Kucinich and the Progressive Caucus. In the Democratic Party and Christian Conservatives and Neoconservatives in the Republican Party. As well as libertarians who are spread out in the Libertarian Party, which is a Third Party. As well as in the Republican and Democratic Parties, without a place of their own. To have a major voice in American Politics because they are outnumbered. As well as independents who are spread out everywhere including not being registered with any party.

So what we need as a country is have a Political System where the five major Political Factions are all represented with their own home and party. Liberals, conservatives, libertarians, Democratic Socialists and independents, where they all have their own party. And all five of these parties have Ultimate Ballot Access across the country at all levels of government. Where all five parties are represented in the debates as well. Liberals stay as democrats, conservatives stay as republicans, libertarians move to the Libertarian Party from the Democratic and Republican Parties and join the libertarians. Democratic Socialists and the greens move to the Democratic Socialist Party. Independents form their own Political Party with the reformers.

One problem with American Politics is not that we one party with two different factions, is that we have a Two Party System. That each have three different factions in it with two Minor Factions each. And when the Leadership of both parties works with the other party. These other factions freak out about it because they don't have a big enough voice in the party.