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Monday, September 12, 2011

Fears of Greek Default Send Asian, European Stocks Lower: America doesn't want this

What's going on in Europe especially in Greece right now, could easily happen to America. If we don't rebuild our economy and get our National Debt and Deficit under control. We can't do one without the other and America has no business bailing out other countries Fiscal Crisis's, at least until we get our own financial situation fixed. Europe needs to get their own fiscal house in order and if Greece doesn't like the restrictions that the International Monetary Fund. And European Union are putting them, then they should go their own course and fix their own fiscal problems. The good news is America doesn't at least at this point, need an International Organization or a Foreign Country. Bailing us out, we have the ability to do this on our own and the plan is already there. But if we wait and don't take it seriously and our fiscal problems. Are serious enough now, that we have to not only rebuild our economy but address our fiscal issues at the same time. We have the resources and money in our economy and demand if we address it and we just need to put them to work. We have infrastructure repairs and expansion that we need to do that we can pay for in our economy. All of these storms and earthquakes we've had lately, is just more evidence of this. That we have fallen behind on our infrastructure and we have the Construction Company's that can do this work. We have all the Natural Resources that we need to be Energy Independent but we are not Energy Independent obviously right now. Which is why we import so much Foreign Oil and every time there's a new crisis in the Middle East. We automatically have to respond to it, because it effects our economy with the oil. We need to get to a point with our Energy Sector, where we are not dependent on OPEC. To decide what the price of oil is going to be in America.

So what we need to be doing is putting people back to work and we have the demand in our economy to create these jobs. In the sense that the work is there to do but we haven't tapped into that. We obviously don't have much Consumer Demand right now, people aren't spending enough money right now. To give us enough Economic Growth to create enough jobs. But we do have enough demand in other parts of our economy. Like in infrastructure, roads, bridges, airports, dams etc and we could put unemployed Construction Workers back to work. Working on these projects and building new projects and we have demand in our Energy Sector. Like in oil, gas, solar, wind, nuclear, water. But since we don't have a National Energy Policy that would promote our own Natural Resources to create the jobs in these areas. And we also at the same time have to have a Fiscal Policy, thats based on paying for things that government spends money on. Cutting back in areas, that we spend too much on or shouldn't be spending money on. And then reform, like in our Social Insurance Programs and in National Security. As well as Tax Reform, taxing more things but at lower rates.

America is not Greece but we could be its twin if we don't get our economy going again and President Obama's American Jobs Act. Is a good start and the Bowles-Simpson Deficit Reduction plan is a good start with our Fiscal Policy. But we need to do more in both areas so we can have a strong enough economy. Other wise we'll never get our debt and deficit under control.