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Saturday, September 10, 2011

US Ambassador Ryan Crocker Promises Not to Abandon Afghanistan: At what cost

US Ambassador to Afghanistan Ryan Crocker says that America wont' abandon Afghanistan, I say at what costs. The original mission in Afghanistan was to take out the Taliban Regime because they were harboring terrorists. Who were partially responsible for the 9/11 Attacks and then install a government that would no longer do that. Mission Accomplished we accomplished that mission within the first few months of the Afghan War. Ten years later we are still in this war and to what costs, we've borrowed over 1T$ to fight this war. we had the "Great Recession" of 2008, that we are still struggling to recover from. We've had our own Natural Disasters that we are still struggling to recover from in our own country. Or infrastructure is crumbling, Hurricane Katreena and Hurricane Irene perfect examples of this. Are Education System is falling, we have a 14T$ debt and a 1.8T$ deficit. We owe in debt about as much as our economy is worth. We are essentially bankrupt as a country and while we are attempting to Nation Build in a country that ten years later isn't really a country. Or hasn't every really been a country, our own country needs to be rebuilt as well. We have our own military that we have to rebuild and one way to do that is to bring them home from places. That we can no longer afford to defend and we have our own bridges, schools, roads, airports that we have to build and renovate. That we are currently doing in Afghanistan instead, the money thats being spent in Afghanistan would be a big help to the American Economy if its spent here instead.

The Afghan War is a Civil War between people who are hopefully democrats and between Islamic Theocrats. And America and other NATO Members are in the middle of it taking losses from this Civil War. The Afghan War represents what happens when you don't either have a clear mission put in place from the beginning. Or you keep changing the mission as you go along. Our mission was clear from the beginning and we already accomplished that mission within the first months of this war. The Afghan War also is a result of what can happen when you have an openly committed to another country and you tell them don't worry we are not going anywhere. They take that as we are getting security for free, we don't need to do anything on our own because America will always have our back. A new Central Government is in place in Afghanistan and ten years later they are corrupt and incapable of defending this country. And Neoconservatives will say we can't leave Afghanistan before they can defend and govern themselves. Because once we do that the Taliban will come back into power and be able to attack America again. But again at what price, how far does America have to fall before we address our own problems. Afghanistan represents around 10% of our National Debt because we borrowed all of that money to fiance this war.

America needs to step back from Afghanistan or at least send a message to the Afghan Government that its time you step up to the plate. And take some responsibility for defending your own country or we are going to look at the opposition and support them. Hopefully a Democratic Opposition or just pull out all together. And bring in additional partners to help develop the Afghan Military and Law Enforcement. Like Pakistan, India, the European Union and United Nations. Because America has already paid a heavy price for our involvement and we have enough of our own problems that need to be addressed.