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Friday, September 9, 2011

US Strategy in Yemen & Somalia: How to Nation Build

Why would a peaceful, respectful, responsible and Self Sufficient government in Yemen that could defend itself in a responsible way. Not only be beneficial to Yemen but the broader Middle East as well as Europe and North America. Because it would be one less country that we would have to worry about having an Authoritarian Dictatorship. Thats interested in only holding their own people down to stay in power but sponsoring terrorists. And trying to obtain Weapons of Mass Destruction, as well as being a Safe Haven for terrorists, which is what Afghanistan was pre 9/11. As well as being a Trading Partner for all of these countries as well, when they develop their economy's. And are able to buy Foreign Products but these things can't happen until Somalia and Yemen are able to first defend themselves. Having the Military and Law Enforcement thats capable of defending both of these large countries in a responsible way. The good news is that Somalia has already moved in this direction, by attempting to accomplish these things.

With Somalia's Transitional Federal Government and Yemen is starting to move in this direction as well. With the announcement that President Ali Abdullah Saleh, who's a dictator is stepping down from power. After being President of Yemen for thirty years, similar to Hosni Mubarak in Egypt who stepped down from power in Egypt back in March. And hopefully they'll move to some type of Transitional Federal Government as well, before they write a new Federal Constitution or make improvements to the current one. Before they hold General Elections but Yemen already has some pieces in place, like a Executive Branch with a President and a Legislative Branch with a Bi Cameral Parliament. An Assembly of Representatives which would be like the House of Representatives in America. And a Council which would be like the Senate in America but they need a lot of help with other things. And the United States can be helpful here but this is not something we can do on our own.

Again the United States can't do this by themselves but we can help with Foreign Aide, Somalia and Yemen simply aren't capable of defending and serving their people right now. And its going to take an International Coalition with the Arab League, hopefully led by Saudi Arabia and Egypt which are both next door to Yemen. Egypt could help Somalia and Yemen with its military, helping to provide security. As they are helping Somalia and Yemen develop their Military and Law Enforcement. And Saudi Arabia could be a big help to Yemen and Somalia as well, with its Military Aid. But with their money and Energy Industry, could help Yemen develop their Energy Industry as well. Which would be a big help to the Yemeni Government and provide some much needed resources for them. The African Union could play a big role here in providing Military Resources and Development for Somalia and Yemen. But also helping Yemen form their new Federal Government. As well as the United Nations, European Union and NATO.

Both Yemen and Somalia provide huge challenges to their own people but also the International Community who obviously doesn't want to see more terrorists. Especially the neighbors of these countries, which is why its in their interest to step up and help Somalia and Yemen out. So these countries can take care of themselves.