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Thursday, September 8, 2011

"US Postal Service Seeks Changes to Avert Financial Disaster": How to Reform the USPS

The fact that the US Postal Service needs permission from Congress or the Administration to rework its Employee Pension plan is the main problem. Not the Employee Pensions exactly but the fact that USPS needs permission from Congress or the Administration in order rework it. The debt of USPS is what can happen when government runs a business which is essentially what USPS is, Non Profit yes and of course government run. But they are a business essentially in the Postal Industry, they provide a service and get paid for that service by their customers. Which is most of the country and they have a responsibility to provide the best service possible and if you look at USPS Approval Ratings. They aren't very popular right now and USPS is in need for some serious reforms. The Federal Government has a budget of 3.7T$, by far the largest organization in the World, private or public. As far as I'm concern and I'm not alone they are too big, too bloated, too wasteful and have too much responsibility.

The Postal Service being a perfect example of this, I'm not saying that we should eliminate USPS. But we definitely need to reform it to make it the best Postal Service it can be. And decentralization of the Postal Service and making it independent of the Federal Government. Would be two good steps in reforming USPS and let USPS the people who work there and run this service, actually do those things. Instead of Congress and the Administration which isn't very good at running its own agency's. Congress isn't very good at being the Board of Directors of the Administration let alone a business. If you look at its record when it comes to oversight, the Iraq War being a pretty good example of this. And the Administration isn't very good at running its own agency's if you look at the waste in them. Medicare and Medicaid Fraud are pretty good examples of that.

So what I would do with the US Postal Service is decentralized it and give it its own independence. By instead of having a USPS, run by the Federal Government. I would have fifty Postal Services for each State as well as the territory's. And let them have their own Postal Service that would be run independently of the State Governments. But where they would still be oversight from these Postal Services from the Federal and State Governments. But they would no longer be running them because they would be independent with their own Revenue Sources. Which they already have right now plus with their own Management and Board of Directors plus a Federal Office. To conduct oversight as well just not there to run them. The new Postal Services would be Semi Private as well as continue to be Non Profit and they would be able to make their own financial decisions on pensions and everything else.

The Federal Government needs to get out of the business of running business's and get back to what it does well and what it use to do well. Which is defend the country and regulate Private Industry and to encourage more investments in America. And to provide a Safety Net for people who need it.