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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Independent Media Emerge in Tripoli After Fall of Gadhafi: This is a good first step

Freedom of Speech and an Independent Media would be a great way for Libya to build its new country. And Independent Media will be able to get the word out on how the country is developing. And a great way to move past the Gadhafi Regime that controlled the whole country including whatever so called media they had. Which was basically part of Gadhafi Information Service spreading the propaganda of the regime. Any democracy needs an Independent Media so the people can know what's going in their country as well as broader Freedom of Speech. And the Transitional National Council in Libya has said over and over that they want to build a democracy in Libya. And they are going to need to develop a lot of things in order to establish that. Rebuilding its Oil Industry and developing a broader Energy Industry and economy. So Libya isn't so dependent on its Oil Industry for their economy to move. As well as rebuilding its military and Law Enforcement to defend and protect the country. And make sure their Provincial and Local Governments are up in running as well.

But none of these things I believe can happen, without and Independent Media to report all of these things. So the word gets out in Libya in what's going on and will be able to adapt to them as well. And its good that International Media is now allowed in Libya as well but they should have their own national and local Media Organizations as well. Reported by libyans who know the country and can communicate with the people, who have to live under the same laws as the people they cover. But to whatever degree of Free Speech that Libya has, won't be established until they write their own National Constitution which is probably six months to a year away. And hopefully females will have the same freedom and Constitutional Rights as males. And that they are some type of republic and not an Authoritarian States or theocracy.

Assuming Libya moves down the road of democracy and some type of Federalist System with Provincial and Local Governments as well. And they move past to a point that will at least make it very difficult for another Authoritarian Dictatorship to come into power. They are going to need these protections, like some type of Separation of Powers, Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches. Where the Executive and Legislative are elected with and Independent Judicial System. Freedom of Speech respect for both men and women, Independent Media some type of Property Rights. A Military and Law Enforcement that can defend and protect this very large country, these are things that they are going to have to do for themselves. The United Nations and European Union can help them write their Constitution but Libya needs to make these decisions for themselves.

In just two weeks Libya has replaced an Authoritarian Dictatorship that was in power for forty two years. And now they have a Transitional National Council and working to secure and rebuild their own country. And will have an Independent Media to report what is going on in this large country.