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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sara Palin Has Harsh Words for President Obama in Iowa: What else is new

The only positive thing that Sarah Palin would bring to running for President of the United States, is a lot of good material for bloggers and comedians. As well as Comedic Bloggers like right now, other then that she's not running for President but perhaps she's running to keep her name in as a possibility. Because she loves the attention so much and she's from Alaska, where perhaps she knows everyone in that State. And she's not used to a lot of attention but other then that she's not running. She brings nothing to the table other then that the fact that she has a very entertaining personality, she's very funny and very attractive. Which can be the exact same ways to describe Michelle Bachmann and you put Palin and Bachmann together and you equal Rick Perry on substance. The George W Bush's of the World come around once and forever, he's the last unqualified President of the United States. And the first one in perhaps a hundred years, americans want their President to be strong Leaders. To actually know what they are doing and what the job is about and be familiar with American History. To actually taken a course on it and understand what they were being taught. They are not looking for a President to know less about the issues then they do or be less qualified for the job then they are. I compare Palin, Bachmann and Perry to a jokester in a Social Group, whatever the group is. The person who brings the humor and the jokes, sometimes intentionally and sometime unintentional. But the rest of the group keeps them around. Because this person is a lot of fun, always make them laugh, brings a smile or laugh to their face. Perhaps they even feel sorry for them. Don't get me wrong, even though I'm a Liberal Democrat, I actually like these three people but for the reasons I laid out. Not because I believe any of them are qualified to be President of the United States or even be in Congress in Rep. Bachmann's case.

Sarah Palin is not running for President but she is a player in American Politics and has been for about three years now and wants to remain one. In order to elect Tea Party Republicans whatever that movement is about now, its certainly no longer a Libertarian Movement. Which is a damn shame but thats a different blog. To High Office, to State Government, Congress and yes one day the Presidency, not in 2012 but maybe one day down the line. And she wants to a lead fundraiser to make this happen and have her own organization as she does to make that happen. And the more people talk about her running for President, the more her followers will want her to run for President. The more attention she'll get and the more money she'll raise and the more influence she'll have in the Tea Party and the broader Republican Party.

Sarah Palin in someways is the ultimate egomaniac and I mean that in highest positive sense possible. As low as that might be, because she wants attention and the news to be about her. But not just for herself but in order to raise money and to build her movement and to influence the Tea Party and broader Republican Party.