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Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Do Nothing 112th Congress: "Give em Hell" Barack

Even though the Republican Party only controls 1/2 of Congress and its the Lower Chamber at that, the House they have enough power to prevent democrats from doing anything. As far as passing legislation, even though democrats have more power to stop republicans from doing anything, with both the Senate and White House. The Republican House has made a similar calculation that the 81st Republican Congress of 1947-49 made. That if we stop the President and democrats from doing anything and I mean anything, especially anything positive. That we can make them look incompetent and not capable of governing and that voters will throw out the democrats. And put republicans in place, with a Republican Administration and Congress and we can appoint the judiciary as well. And put our agenda in place, the Republican Leadership has calculated, including the Senate Republican Leadership even though they are in the minority. That they are way ahead to use a Sports Analogy, in the 2nd Half or 4th Quarter. And that all we have to do is run out the clock, run the ball, punt and we'll be ahead at the end of the game. And we'll be rewarded with the Federal Government, the White House and Congress. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell made this calculation two years ago, when the democrats won the White House and retained the Congress. That his number one priority was to see that Barack Obama would be a one term President. They have been very clear, John Boehner before he became Speaker of the House in January and was Minority Leader in the last Congress. Also made it clear that he had no interest in working with House Democrats or the President, unless they did things his way. Which wasn't going to happen but even it did, he would find a way to be against it just because the Democratic Leadership was for it.

So knowing this which I believe is what the White House and Congressional Democrats do, instead of trying to push their agenda through Congress. Either the House or Senate, they have to take their message to the country, especially in Swing Districts with vulnerable House Republicans. And Swing States with vulnerable Senate Democrats, to try to either get them to start to move on some of this legislation to create jobs. Or to get Congressional Republicans to offer their own agenda and get out of their seats and try to pass legislation. President Obama's speech next week is not about pushing Congress to pass his Jobs Plan whatever it is. His speech I believe will be designed to push americans behind his agenda and to let them know. That he's doing everything he can but that he can't do it on his own and that its the Republican House thats in the way. And he needs their help to push them to pass a Jobs Plan.

Its time for the President to get in the game and become his own Harry Truman so to speak and to take on Congressional Republicans, especially the House GOP Leadership. Because he probably won't be able to do much to improve the economy and will go into the 2012 Elections with a weak economy. But he needs to let the people know he's doing all he can and he's better then any Republican Alternative.