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Monday, August 29, 2011

Role of Islam in New Libya Uncertain: Hopefully Separate from State

Islam is clearly important in Libya as it is in most Middle Eastern and Arab Nations which is fine, I'm a believer in Freedom of Religion as long as its up to individuals. As long as its not forced on anyone especially from government like in a theocracy, like the Islamic Republic of Iran to use as an example. Freedom of Religion is a basic Human Right in most modern nations and Libya clearly has the potential to become a Developed Nation. But most of these Developed Nations are republics with a few monarchy's, Britain and Sweden to use as examples. Where they all have Freedom of Religion but where Freedom of Religion means the right to practice or not practice religion at all. Or be neutral like in my case on religion. Religious debates are something I try to stick away from, I consider myself to be agnostic and especially don't want to get into a religious debate with fundamentalists or atheists. They have a Constitutional Right to believe what they believe and I have a Constitutional Right to believe what I believe. And for Libya to move forward as a society and get past the era of the Military Dictatorship of Moammar Gaddhafi. I believe they are going to need to be some type of a Constitutional Republic however they describe that. Where there's a Constitutional Right to practice or not practice religion. But where they also have Separation of Church and State. Where they are governed by Elected Civilians and governed by a Constitution and Rule of Law and not by a religion. Whatever that religion happens to be and then Libya will be able to move forward as a country and reach their Full Potential as a nation. I believe the model they should look at is Turkey, which is a country thats come a long over the years both economically and in other areas as well. Rather then to look at Iran as their model.

Libya has just ended forty two years of an awful Military Dictatorship of Moammar Gadhaffi one of the worst regimes in the World. They need to move past that in their own way and I believe they should replace Gaddhafi with something. That can represent the Libyan People as a whole and not replace that regime with something as bad if not worse. Like a theocracy, Iran might be a Developed Nation today with its Natural Resources, its size, population and Educated Class. Had they not go down the road of becoming an Islamic Republic in the late 1970s. Because that regime hasn't done much to develop that large country but use most of its resources to hold its people back. And to expand its influence in the Middle East and the rest of the World and sponsoring Islamic Terrorists Groups. So Libya should look east in what type of government they should form but not as far as Iran. And develop a government that works for the Libyan People and can represent them and respect their Human Rights.

Freedom of Religion is a great right to have in a country as long as all religions are respected equally and none of them are promoted. And the right to practice religion is as equal as the right not to practice religion. And where religion is separated from government and where the government governs based on objective evidence and not faith.