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Sunday, August 28, 2011

"Rick Perry says Social Security is Unconstitutional!": Rick Perry Campaigning against himself

If your looking for a game plan in how not to run for President, just get your name in the media and get a lot of media attention. Take a look at Texas Governor Rick Perry's Presidential Campaign. To use as an example, Social Security is popular with all Political Parties in America. Except for the Libertarian Party and perhaps some Far Right Third Parties in America but even some libertarians like Ron Paul and Gary Johnson. Have moderated their positions on Social Security and Medicare and even Medicaid, taking more of a approach of Block Granting them to the States or privatization. Even a majority of Tea Party members like Social Security and Medicare and even parts of their Leadership as well. If your running for President for the Libertarian Party or a Far Right Third Party, like lets say the Constitution Party. But they are between libertarianism and sorta Far Right authoritarianism. Then run against Social Security and these other Entitlement Programs but if your goal is to not only with the Presidential Nomination of your party. But to win the Presidential Election in the Fall, then don't take positions saying your for getting rid of things that are so popular in America. Just if you look at it as a Political Analyst, I would prefer knowing a lot of times this doesn't happen. For all politicians to say what they believe in and know and leave up to the voters to decide whether their positions are the right ones or not. But if I was advising a politician on just the basis of what does this person need to do to win the election and nothing else. Which is something I would never do by the way, I would tell them don't take positions on ending these Entitlement Programs at least while so many people need them like today. Don't come out for succeeding from the Union and don't take a position coming out in favor of starting wars or nuking another country. GOV Perry has come out for ending Social Security and for succeeding from the Union, two positions that will bite him on the hand to put it lightly as his Presidential Campaign moves along.

To a certain extent I respect GOV Perry's candor and bravado assuming he sticks with it, which I don't believe is a safe bet on his Presidential Campaign so far. Because its generally not something we get from Presidential Candidates that actually have a legitimate shot at winning their Presidential Nomination. Ron Paul would be the only other serious contender with that type of candor running for President right now. But I would give him the edge, because when he says he's anti Big Government. You better believe him, because he aint lying. He's anti Socialist Big Government, he's anti Authoritarian Big Government with limited Social Freedom. As he says he's "against the Welfare State and Warfare State". And doesn't come out for Constitutional Amendments outlawing abortion, or Gay Marriage, or outlawing pornography. Unlike Rick Perry who's for at least two of those Constitutional Amendments and I believe the Pornography Amendment as well. So he does support a form of Big Government.

Candor can get you far in American Politics, which is surprising to me that a lot more politicians aren't in favor of it. But candor is only useful if you communicate in a way that doesn't offend enough people to cost you an election. But you explain your positions in a candid but articulate way, that lets people know why you take those positions. And gets them thinking about them to the point, you know what I never thought about that issue that way. That makes a lot of sense to me and you bring them to your side.