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Friday, August 26, 2011

Sanctions Have Unintended Effect on Iran: How Economic Sanctions should work

Economic Sanctions on Authoritarian Regimes like in Iran and Syria to use as examples. Only work when they are done through coalition, if one large country like lets say America. Puts Economic Sanctions on a large country like Iran, that only works if other large economy's do the same thing. America has Economic Sanctions on Iran but Europe, Russia, China to use as examples all invest in Iran, similar to Cuba. So the way Economic Sanctions can work in a large country like Iran with all of its Natural Resources and its large educated population. Is to do it through coalition, the United States, Canada, Europe, Russia, China, Japan, Brazil to use as examples. And to prevent money from going out and into the Islamic Republic Regime that they use to hold their population down. Which what was done in Libya, what will be happening in Syria if not already and to a certain extent Egypt with Mubarak Regime. But if one country goes it alone and shuts them self out of doing business with another. They are only hurting themselves both economically, especially if that country had enough consumers to can afford to buy their goods. Iran being an excellent example of this where they buy European and Chinese Products all of the time. Cuba is an excellent example of this, where Canadians, South Americans, Europeans and I believe Middle Easterners go there and do business there all the time. Helping to keep the Castro Regime in power with all of the money thats spent in Cuba. So if removing the Islamic Republic Regime out of power in Iran is the goal, then first the Iranian People need to make this decision on their own. And decide that we no longer want to be a theocracy. And get organized by forming a United Opposition to take down the Islamic Republic, peacefully hopefully or otherwise. And them Democratic States in the West and others can help if they are in coalition with Economic Sanctions, as well giving the Opposition Rebels resources to get their message across.

But before they pass their Economic Sanctions they have to realize that these have costs on people in that country. So if they are going to do something like this, they better do in coalition and try to do it in the way. Where the Bare Essentials that are needed for people to survive can still get into the country. But where the Regime can't get money in or out of the country with Freezing Assets, which is what happened to the Mubarak Regime in Egypt and the Gadhafi Regime in Libya. A Sanction Policy can only work if it done in coalition and where other large major players in the World are also part of this policy. The United States can't bring down the Theocratic Regime down Iran on its own and needs partners, including with an Iranian Opposition to make this happen.

Economic Sanctions can work if they are done in an intelligent way through cooperation and not done by one player. But through a coalition of large players that all have stakes in the game and could get hurt by them. But are willing to do this for the betterment of the people who have to live under these Authoritarian Regimes.