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Thursday, August 25, 2011

US Rep. Dennis Kucinich at Seattle Hempfest 2011: A better Advocate for Drug Reform then a Presidential Candidate

Even though I rarely agree with Rep. Dennis Kucinich on anything other then Social Issues. Decriminalization of Marijuana being one of them, like Rep. Ron Paul I have a lot of respect for Rep. Kucinich. Because he's one of the most honest Members of Congress, which you might be thinking doesn't sound like much. But its true he's a very honest man and one of the most honest of the 535 Members of Congress we have. He's very articulate and one of the best spokespeople for the Democratic Socialist or Socialist Libertarian Movement in America. The arguments that he makes for Decriminalization of Marijuana and treating heroin, cocaine and meth addicts like patients instead of criminals. Is very similar to the arguments that I make on this issue as well. Actually except for Economic Policy, Rep. Kucinich and Rep. Paul are very similar on most other issues. Its just that Rep. Paul is a Classical Libertarian on all issues for the most part, I believe abortion being the only on where he's not libertarian on. And Rep. Kucinich is a Democratic Socialist on Economic Policy. I'm closer to Rep. Paul on Economic Policy then Rep. Kucinich because I'm a liberal. But I'm very similar to both of them on Social Issues. I want government off of my back and out of my wallet, thats where Ron Paul and myself are similar. And only have government do things that we can't do for ourselves. If thats the type of government we had, our taxes would be very low and our freedom would be very high. Rep. Kucinich being a Democratic Socialist on Economic Policy, likes the idea of High Taxes to fund a large Welfare State of Social Insurance Programs. Similar to what they have in Britain and Sweden. So thats my main disagreement with Dennis Kucinich but we are very similar if not identical on Social Issues and actually similar on Foreign Policy and National Security.

But Rep. Kucinich is dead right as far as I'm concern on the War on Drugs, along with the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and with Libya coming to a close. The forty year War on Drugs in America is another war we should end as well. We've fought a stupid and hypocritical war, where we have drugs that worse for people then marijuana, that are legal. Like alcohol and tobacco and its been a stupid war where we arrest people for what they do to themselves rather then what they do to innocent people. And we lock them up in prison making our prisons more crowded then they need to be. Taking the space that should be occupied by actual dangerous criminals who do represent a threat to innocent people. When we would save so much money and actually make money as an economy and government and put people to work. With the Decriminalization of Marijuana. And then getting heroin, cocaine and meth addicts the help that they need in Drug Rehab and Halfway Houses where they would pay for their stays.

Its rarely if ever that I agree with Rep. Dennis Kucinich on Economic Policy, even though he does make good arguments. And is honest and believes what he says but he's dead right on most Social Issues and to a large extent on Foreign Policy as well. And deserves a lot of respect for that.

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