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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sen. John McCain Libya Sharia: Sen McCain taking on Neoconservatives

A return of the old John McCain made an appearance on FNC today defending the Libyan Rebels and what they are trying to accomplish there. When he says he's a "Reagan Conservative" you better believe him because he's not a Neoconservative. I wish he was more of a Reagan/Goldwater Conservative on Social Issues like Gay Marriage but perhaps thats a different blog. Again its up to Libya to decide what kind of government and country they'll have and they'll make mistakes along the way. Just like Iraq in its early days and just like America in our early days. We are a country thats 235 years old and he haven't built a perfect democracy yet either and probably never will. Because there's no such thing as a perfect democracy or a perfect country even anywhere. What Libya needs to do is figure out what type of country works for them and what type of government they should have. Its a large country about the size of Algeria, Saudi Arabia and Iran with thirty two districts or provinces. And they need to figure these things out for themselves, the rest of the World including the United States can't do it for them. We and the rest of the World can only assist as we should because it would be in our interest as well as other democracy's in the World. To have another Arabian Ally and another country that we can work with in that region. To go along with Turkey, Israel, Iraq and now Egypt as they'll hopefully transition to democracy as well. And as Sen. McCain said the Transitional National Council has already come out in favor of having the State meaning the Libyan Government be used to protect the Human Right for its citizens, including the rights of women, Ethnic and Racial Minorities as well as Religious Minorities. I'm not saying the Libyan Rebels are democrats especially not Liberal Democrats at least not yet. But these aren't Islamic Theocrats either or any other type of theocrat.

Personally and of course this is not up to me being an American Citizen and not a Libyan Citizen. I would like to see Libya develop a National Constitution that would make Libya a Federal Republic with a Federalist System. Which Checks and Balances and Separation of Powers, with an Executive headed by a President or Prime Minister. As well as a Bi Cameral Legislative Branch, where the Chief Executive and Members of Parliament or Congress are all elected. Representing Libya's thirty two Provinces and with a Judicial Branch thats appointed by the Chief Executive and have to be confirmed by the Legislative. As well as a Multi Party Political System because Libya is just coming to the end of forty two years of an Authoritarian Dictatorship where all of the Nation's Power was basically with one man and his allies. And a Federalist Multi Party System would allow Libya to share the power and the wealth of the country with everyone. And allow its Provinces to be able to govern themselves and make it harder for a dictator to come back into power. Especially with a functioning Federal Government that can defend and take care of themselves.

I have a prediction Libya won't end up being another Islamic Republic like Iran but a Federal Republic more like Iraq or Turkey. And how liberal and free its ends up, will be up to the Transitional National Council and the Libyan People. But the United States and International Community won't be able to make these decisions for them.