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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Democratic Party Losing The South?: The Rural South is Republican Territory

Up until the mid 1960's or so in 1964 when Republican Presidential Nominee Sen. Barry Goldwater broke through and won some Southern States in that Presidential Campaign. And then in 1966 when the Republican Party picked up seats in the House and Senate and dipped into the Democratic Parties overwhelming majority in Congress. And then again in 1968 when Republican Presidential Nominee Richard Nixon again won more Southern States on his way to be electing President of the United States. The Democratic Party pretty much owned the South and was a huge reason why they won 7-10 Presidential Elections from 1932-68 and controlled both Chambers of Congress. Except for 1949-51 and 1953-55 from 1931-1981. The Democratic Party owned Congress for 46-50 years from 1931-81 and won 8-12 Presidential Elections from that period as well, they had the White House in that period 32-48 years. And then again from 1987-95 they had both Chambers of Congress as well, including two years from 1993-95 with the White House as well. And a big reason for this, was that they owned the South both the Southeast and the Mid South and perhaps even the Southwest and they owned the Northeast as well and perhaps the Mid Atlantic as well. And they just didn't own Congress in this period but they had Super Majority's in both the House and Senate from 1935-45 and then again from 1959-69 and again from 1975-81. Some might ask where in the World was the Republican Party in this whole time period, doesn't America have a Two Party System. We do but back then the Two Parties had more Ideological Diversity and both had both strong liberal and conservative factions in it unlike today where the Democratic Party was run by both liberals and conservatives. And the Republican Party was run by conservatives but had a strong Liberal Faction in it as well. Where today the Democratic Party is basically the Liberal Party in America with Moderate Liberals and Socialist Democrats in it as well. With the Republican Party being a Fiscally Conservative Party with other Conservative Factions in it as well. The Republican Leadership in Congress in this period worked in coalition with Southern Democrats to block legislation.

But the more important question is how did this happen, how did one Political Party in a Two Party System control the Federal Government for so long and own the South for so long. If you look at the South back then and look at it today politically, its probably the most conservative part of the country. Mississippi might be the most Conservative State in the Union back then and today. The Republican Party with Barry Goldwater and later Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan saw this. And set out to make the South part of the Republican Party as it is today. The Southern Members of Congress back then who were democrats, would probably all be republicans today as well as the Southern Governors. This started in the early and mid 1960s with the Civil Rights Debates and laws, President Lyndon Johnson and Congressional Democrats needed Northeastern and Midwestern Republicans to vote for the Civil Rights bills of the mid and late 60s for them to become law. That was probably the last straw that threw the South to the Republican Party. As well as the Great Society legislation and Culture Revolution of the 1960s and 70s.

The Republican Party runs the South today and as a democrat I'm fine with that because we do very well almost everywhere else in the country. And we can still do well in big Southern States like North Carolina, where we have a US Senator and Governor, Tennessee where we have the Governor. Florida where we have a US Senator and won that State in the 2008 Presidential Election and where we've always been competitive there at least at some level. Even though the Republican Party runs the State Government. And these Southern Democrats back then weren't real democrats anyway because they were anti Civil Rights and I don't believe they are real republicans either. And belong in a Far Right Party instead.