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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sen. Bernie Sanders Suggests Primary Challenge for the President: A Disaster for the Democratic Party

Anybody who's a Loyal Democrat and wants President Obama to get reelected or at least not see a republican in the White House with a Republican Congress in 2013. Should look at the 1980 Presidential Election that saw President Jimmy Carter a very unpopular President, with a country in pretty bad shape, who was seen as weak. Who got a Primary Challenge from the left in Sen. Kennedy and then had to fight him off in the Democratic Primary's. Limp into the 1980 Democratic Convention leading a Divided Party. And then have to face one of the most Politically Skillful politicians whoever ran for President in America in Ronald Reagan. Where President Carter failed to win even 45% of the vote as the Incumbent President and lost over forty States losing in a landslide. When the Democratic Party is united, we almost always win, because there are more democrats then republicans. I believe 2000 would be the modern exception but when we are divided, we never win. Just look at 1988, where we lost the Presidential Election in a landslide, 1984 another landslide lost, I just mentioned 1980 where we also lost control of the Senate for the first time since 1952. 1972 Sen. George McGovern lost in a landslide to President Nixon. 1968 wasn't a landslide lost with Vice President Hubert Humpfrey but it was still a very divided Democratic Party and you had an Independent Presidential Candidate in GOV George Wallace, taking Conservative Votes away from Richard Nixon but Nixon still won and the Republican Party also picked up seats in both Chambers in Congress. Once again making them a player in Congress for a first time in a while. Democratic Socialists in the Democratic Party would have nothing to gain by fielding their own Presidential Candidate in the Democratic Party. But everything to lose for them, because they would lose even more influence to the liberals in the party that runs the party. Because first of all they wouldn't win and would divide the party and be blamed for the President losing in November. Just look at Sen. Kennedy's debacle in 1980, where he was never viewed as a serious Presidential Candidate again.

If Democratic Socialists or Progressive Democrats, whatever they prefer to be called now, as long as they don't call themselves Liberal Democrats. Want their own Presidential Candidate, they should form their own party or merge with the Democratic Socialist Party. And there would be enough of them to become a major force, especially if they combined all the Socialist Parties in America, like the Green Party and others. Into one broad Political Coalition of socialists into one Socialist Party, that at some point if they have enough people with them. Could challenge the democrats, republicans and libertarians for power in America and not just at the Federal Level. And the Democratic Party could become a true Liberal Party made up of nothing but liberals and Moderate Liberals. And we would be able to expand our party with more independents, people who are liberal on Social Issues but don't like "Tax and Spend" and High Regulations that democrats tend to get stereotyped as.