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Friday, July 22, 2011

Ambassador Marc Ginsberg on Morocco's Constitutional Reforms: Where Morocco can go from here

The idea that a country the size of Morocco 32M people with a vast amount of land in the Arab World. Is even talking about Progressive Reforms in their Constitution is a huge step. But what I believe what Morocco should do is move to a Constitutional Monarchy like lets say Spain, where the Monarchy is still there but doesn't run the Executive Branch of Government the Administration. But has more of a Ceremonial Role like in Britain. But where you have a Civilian Administration with an Elected President or Prime Minister who appoints the Cabinet but has to be confirmed by an Elected Parliament. The good news is the King of Morocco has already sorta moved in this direction where they now or will have a Elected Prime Minister and an Elected Multi Party Bi Cameral Parliament. Morocco could definitely move from being the Kingdom of Morocco where the King is essentially a dictator with vast powers. To the Constitutional Monarchy of Morocco with Branches of Government, an Executive with an Elected Leader, an Elected Multi Party Bi Cameral Parliament and an Independent Judicial Branch, thats appointed by the Executive and have to be confirmed by Parliament. Similar to Spain, which would make Morocco a very Progressive Country at least in Arabia as well as the rest of the World. That has a Ruling Party in the Executive with a Multi Party Parliament that respects Minority Rights for the parties that are not in charged of a Chamber in Parliament or both Chambers of Parliament. That also respects both men and women, Racial and Ethnic Minorities and Religious Minorities. Where the people can live their own lives with a basic Bill of Rights and not be thrown in jail when they express their rights. This is a system that I believe Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and the Persian Gulf Monarchy's should look at as well. There's a clear message that I believe is being communicated in Arabia, that they are tired of Authoritarian Rule and want they ability to live their own lives and elect their own leaders.

Its a good sign that the King of Morocco has taken it upon himself to move to reform the Moroccan Government and give his people more power in how they live their own lives and select their Leaders. And I believe what they are doing is something that the rest of Arabia should look at and could learn from.