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Monday, July 18, 2011

President Vows Veto of Tea Party Debt Plan: He won't get the chance

The President won't get the chance to veto the House Tea Party "Cut Cap and Balance plan", that House Speaker Boehner and Leader Cantor and Chairman Paul Ryan of the House Budget Committee didn't come up with. This plan was written by the House Tea Party Caucus and has Rep. Michelle Bachmann's name all over it the Leader of the Tea Party Caucus. And I'll admit her political skills inside the House are pretty good and she was able to get the Speaker to approve her plan to come to the floor and the Leader to put it on the schedule. Without by the way any Committee Hearings on it, so the information that we have on it and its effects are very limited. With no one other then the Tea Party Caucus and its allies studying it. And a few Left Wing Think Tanks as well like Think Progress and others but the objective evidence about it is very limited. This plan was brought to the House last week and approved by Speaker Boehner and Leader Cantor and went through the House Rules Committee on Monday and will be voted on Tuesday. With very few if any House Democrats voting for it, the House Democratic Leadership will hold its caucus on it, as well as offering their own plan. So that means the House GOP will have to pass it with only GOP Votes, I think it will pass but it will be fairly close with some republicans voting no. And then it will go to the Senate where it will get blocked by Senate Leader Reid and hopefully if the Senate Democratic Leadership ever gets around to bringing their own Budget and Debt Ceiling plan to the floor. Then Senate Minority Leader McConnell will bring "Cap Cut and Balance" up as the Republican Alternative in the Senate. Where I think he'll be lucky to get 40 out of 47 GOP Votes to vote for it. With everything single one of the 53 Senate Democrats voting against it. My whole point being in case you were wondering if I had one, is that President Obama threaten to veto a bill that he'll never see at his desk and ever get a chance to sign or veto. So he's sorta jumping the gun here, perhaps he would've been better off saying I would never sign that into law.

The Federal Government now has two weeks to avoid defaulting on its debt and will spend half of this week debating a piece of legislation that doesn't have a earthquakes chance in Boston of ever becoming law. And will once again be wasting time, when they should instead find something that they can agree on thats worth passing. But thats me I don't work for the Federal Government, which is probably a good thing, I'm just a Concern Citizen.