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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The truth behind Health Care "Reform": What the Public Option really is

During the Presidential Campaign of 2008 I supported the Public Option in Health Care Reform, as did the two leading Democratic Candidates. Then Sen. Barack Obama and then Sen. Hillary Clinton and during the Health Care Reform debate of 2009-10, I once again supported the Public Option, as did now President Barack Obama and most Congressional Democrats both House and Senate. As well as most of the Democratic Party, we weren't completely united on the Public Option and Health Care Reform in general, to say the least. But we were mostly united, I even wrote my own Health Care Reform plan that I put on a blog. That included my own version of the Public Option in it. That was yes owned by the Federal Government but operated independently. With its own Management and Board of Directors, that would've been Self Financed and Self Sufficient. Paid for by its consumers and their employers, to keep the Congress and the Administration's hands off it. But leaving them with the ability to regulate it, like they would regulate private Health Insurers. That would be Non Profit like lets say Blue Cross, that would have no special advantages over private Health Insurers, it would compete fairly, in the Health Insurance Market. Actually just the way I would like to see Medicare and Medicaid run today but thats a different blog. But why you might ask I'm in favor of the Public Option when it comes to Health Insurance and not Single Payer or some other replacement. Because unlike some people who call themselves conservatives today. I'm a liberal and one of those reasons is because I believe in Free Market Capitalism and unlimited free and open competition thats well regulated. I don't believe in Corporate Welfare Capitalism or Democratic Socialist Capitalism. Let the people decide where to get their Health Insurance and Health Care, let them make these decisions for themselves.

The Public Option is exactly as those two words say, its a Public Option that people can choose as far as where they get their Health Insurance from. If they don't like it, they can choose something else. If they don't like their private Health Insurance, they can choose another private Health Insurer or select the Public Option. Its about Freedom of Choice power to the people a liberal concept, forcing the ineffective private For Profit Health Insurance Market to work better or lose business. Which is another thing that the Free Market is about. As much as the Right Wing lied about the Public Option, its just that not a Public Mandate that people would have to get and pay for. Unlike a Medicare For All Single Payer Health Insurance plan.

Click on the link of the blog to see a video with Keith Olberman on the Public Option