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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Gay Marriage Now Legal in New York: More Equality headed to the Empire State

More equality headed to the Empire State thanks to GOV Andrew Cuomo, Legislative Democrats and Legislative Progressive Republicans. Because they came to the conclusion that Marriage Equality means just that, that marriage is between to Consenting Adults who are in love with each other. Gay Marriage is best left for the States as is all marriage, because they've traditionally regulated marriage and has been considered a State Right as it should be. The Federal Government has no business regulating marriage, gay or straight. If your a True Believer in States Right and Federalism and a real conservative. Then you believe the same thing, if States Rights is something you say you believe in, just for political reasons. Then you would be against the States being able to decide if homosexuals can marry each other or not. Because your anti Gay Marriage and Gay Rights in general and you would be in favor of DOMA or the Defense of Marriage Act and a Constitutional Amendment that would deny homosexuals the right to marry in America, just because they are gay. Which every single Republican Presidential Candidate is in favor of. Except for Ron Paul, Gary Johnson and Jon Huntsman. Who are all Libertarian Republicans and believe in things like States Rights and Federalism. DOMA which I believe is unconstitutional and violates the Equal Protection Clause. And which President Clinton has admitted what the worse legislation that he ever signed into law as President and who's now in favor of Gay Marriage. DOMA is unconstitutional because it denies people the right to marry because of who they are and nothing else. Homosexuals have the same Constitutional Rights as heterosexuals in America because of the fact that they are people and americans and thats all they need to be.

So Fridays vote in New York is historic and a great thing and hopefully will advance the fight for True Equality for all americans in America not just Straight Americans.

Click on the link of the blog to see a video about the New York Legislature passing Gay Marriage