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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Religious Right Seeks Comeback in 2012: They are back

After pretty much taking 2009 and 2010 off and staying out of the spotlight and letting the Tea Party do its thing. In giving the Republican Party back control of the House of Representatives, even though they wanted the Senate as well. Actually you could make a pretty good case that the Christian Right took half of 2008 off, after the GOP Nominated Sen. John McCain for President. Which went a long way in Sen. McCain losing that Presidential Election, because they didn't show up to vote, unlike 2000 and 2004. Who comes from the Ronald Reagan Classical Conservative Wing of the GOP not the Christian Conservative Wing. The Christian Right is back in 2011 and will be a major force both in 2011 and 2012 and will have a big say in who the Republican Party will Nominate for President in 2012 and will probably be shopping for their own Presidential Candidate. Especially since former GOV Mike Huckabee has decided not to run for President, who comes from their faction of the party. And also since there are now three Libertarian Republicans running for President in the GOP. In Rep. Ron Paul, former GOV Gary Johnson and former GOV Jon Huntsman. Former US Senator and now Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum will make a big play for their support, talking about "Traditional Values" and so fourth. Former GOV and now Presidential Candidate Tim Pawlenty will make a big play for their support as well. Even though he really wants to be and Establishment Candidate in the Republican Party and I think he'll struggle to keep the support of both. Because the are two competing factions, the Establishment Faction are looking for a winner. Who's conservative on Foreign and Economic Policy and aren't that interested in Social Issues. Whereas Social Issues drives the Christian Right the Theocratic Faction in the Republican Party.

As much publicity as the Tea Party has gotten in the last two years, its still the Christian Right and Neo Conservatives who control the Republican Party. Especially when they are together, with the Establishment Republicans deciding who gets the GOP Nomination for President. The Tea Party is fourth on that list, so for a Tea Party candidate to get much play running for President in the GOP. They have to be able to appeal to both the Tea Party and Christian Right. Thats where Rep. Michelle Bachman comes in and while, with also her ability to raise money and her cute charm and quick wit. Will make her very likable in the GOP Primary's and even in the General Election as well, if Beach Houses were discovered in North Dakota. And she were to win the GOP Nomination for President. But if that were to happen, her message of Limited Government and Anti Big Government will be a big problem in the General Election. From a consistency Point of View, because being a Christian Conservative from a political Point of View as well. She also supports a form of Big Government, an authoritarian from with limited Social Freedom that the Christian Right wants being theocrats. As much as she speaks in favor of the US Constitution and liberty. She doesn't understand a lot of it, like the Equal Protection Clause and the 1st Amendment when it comes to non Political Speech. And her grasp of American History is week with her blunders on that on the Campaign Trail recently.

The Christian Right is definitely back and will be a major force in GOP Presidential Politics but will hurt the GOP chances of winning back the White House in 2012. If the GOP Nominee has to appeal so much to them that its costs them Independent Voters who tend to be more liberal to libertarian on Social Issues. I believe the Christian Right will cost the GOP Presidential Election in 2012, because candidates like Mitt Romney, Gary Johnson, John Huntsman and Mitch Daniels. All candidates who would do well with Independent Voters, won't be able to please both independents and Christian Conservatives. They are two competing factions.

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