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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Bill Moyers on the Rise of NeoCons: How we got the Bush Doctrine

For someone who came to the White House running as someone calling for a "Humble Foreign Policy". Which is what George W Bush did in 2001 and then conduct a Foreign Policy. Thats the opposite of that putting bringing in Neoconservatives like Don Rumsfeld to be Secretary of Defense, Paul Wolfowitz to be Deputy Secretary of Defense. Dick Cheney the most important person in this group as Vice President. Richard Pearle as a Security Advisor. And others in the Defense Department to not run a "Humble Foreign Policy but establish a Neoconservative Foreign Policy. Of Preemptive War where you would attack Rogue Regimes to remove them and occupy the country. Because you don't like that regime and you believe they are a Potential Threat, not a Threat but a Potential Threat. And Afghanistan which of course played a role in the 9/11 attacks and why we invaded them. And knocked out the Taliban Regime but that was just the beginning, because Iraq, Iran and North Korea were mentioned in the 2002 State of the Union. As Members of an "Axis of Evil" the famous or infamous line written by Bush Speechwriter David Frum. Who's hardly a Neoconservative, I would describe his politics as Classical Conservative but he made that line famous. And of course the Invasion of Iraq in 2003 after and drawn out debate in Congress to get the Congressional Resolution. That President Bush needed to Invade and Occupy Iraq.

Looking back at this whole debate that really started in late 2001 after 9/11 and of course is still going on. I believe the idea that Iraq has Weapons of Mass Destruction and were going after Nuclear Weapons. Were used as reasons to justify an Invasion of Iraq but whether the Hussein Regime had them or not. Was not the point the Neoconservatives in the Bush Administration wanted Saddam Hussein out of power in Iraq. And establish a responsible Pro Western government there and if Iraq had WMD and trying to obtain Nuclear Power or not. Was beside the point, if they were great now they have more justification for the Iraq Invasion and Occupation. But whether they had them or not, they were going to invade Iraq and knock Hussein out of power. And establish a government there that they wanted and whether this was would cost them allies or not. Again besides the point, they had a goal and a mission they were going after. And I believe Iraq was just the first step in their Preemptive War Policy. Iran and maybe even Syria were next on their list, Vice President Cheney and others on the Bush Neoconservative Team. Were making hints that they were considering Iran as well and had it not been for the Democratic Party taking control of Congress in 2007. And putting the White House on defensive on Iraq, maybe an Iranian Invasion happens as well.

Ten years later we are still feeling the effects of Neoconservatism and why Neoconservatives should not be running the Federal Government. Two wars at about the same time, Afghanistan and Iraq, both unpaid for, we've borrowed 2T$ to pay for Military Operations in other countries. In an area where the people as well as the terrorists don't like us and these invasions are a big reason for it. And our economy has gone down hill as a result, two recessions, 10T$ in debt when President Bush left office. And thats because he didn't put the wars on budget. If they were on budget, it would've been closer to 12T$, and we've suffered as a result.

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