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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Relations with Iran, China Face Obstacles: Pakistan needs to decide where they go from here

Pakistan is a large country physically about the size of Turkey with a very large population of about 180M people. And they are still growing and are of one the fastest developing countries in the World. Both in population and economically and have a lot of potential to be a World Power. Economically and on Foreign Policy if they make the right moves. And further develop their country economically as well as their military. So of course they can defend themselves but also defend themselves from Domestic and Foreign Terrorism. But they have to do this themselves, are they going to continue to try to play nice with terrorism. And allow terrorists like Osama Bin Laden to stay in their country. Or are they going to bring those people to justice or take them out in combat. Do they want to have a productive relationship with India, the European Union, United Kingdom and United States. Or do they want to be seen as a friend of terrorists but someone that the Democratic World. Can can use as an ally, if they decide to go with the good guys, they'll have a great future ahead of them. That will bring more Foreign Trade into Pakistan as well as them being able. To export their products to large Developed Markets as well as Emerging Markets. That moving to become Developed Countries like China India, Russia and Brazil.

Pakistan has already done some things very well, they fairly modern military. That can defend themselves, they are basically a democracy in the form of a Federal Republic. English is their Official Language. Which makes it easy for their government and their Business Leaders to conduct business Worldwide. Especially in Europe and North America as well as Japan. Pakistan has a large Private Sector, they are an Industrialized Nation, with a fast growing economy . They now have an Elected President instead of a Dictator with a Multi Party Bi Cameral Parliament. They've made several good steps in the right direction. But they need to go much farther as well, for example 50% of Pakistan is illiterate. So they have to go much farther in Public Education thats modern and teaches people how to read, write, mathematics, science etc. Develop a modern Public Education as well as Higher Education System, so their students can get the skills that they need to be successful. And not feel the need to become terrorists and develop their Public Infrastructure System. so they have modern roads, bridges, airports, dams, schools, hospitals etc. Something that China is doing very well right now, as well as develop their Health Care System and develop a modern Public Safety Net.

Pakistan needs to do the things that Developed Nations have that help people who fall into poverty and aren't able to fully take care of themselves in their Senior Years. Pakistan is doing some things very well right now has a fast Developing Nation that could one day become a Developed Nation. But for them to fully reach their potential as a nation. They are going to have to become a Full Partner in the War on Terror similar to Egypt. To fully develop their country and bring in the Foreign Investment that they need. As as well as Foreign Aide for their economy and military so they can develop and have the resources they need to defend themselves.

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