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Friday, September 16, 2011

Confrontation Looms as Palestinians Take Case to UN: Is this too soon?

Long term an Independent Palestinian State of Israel is definitely the direction that Palestine and Israel should move in. Its in the interests of both States, so Israel has one less State it has to occupy and look after. Because Palestine is essentially a State inside of Israel looking to break away and become independent. And the palestinians obviously want their own Independent State and live in freedom and peace hopefully. Similar to the way some Slavic Republics broke away from Russia twenty years ago. But the problem is Palestine is not ready for their independence and if you make them independent today. They would be the Haiti, Somalia or Afghanistan of Arabia, not being able to defend or govern themselves. With not a Federal Government but two Waring Factions, the Fatah Party that governs West Bank, I believe the adults in Palestine. Even though they have corruption issues and then the Hamas Party in Gaza thats not much more then a Terrorist Organization. That wants to rule Palestine and destroy Israel and turn the whole Israeli-Palestinian Territory into an Islamic Theocracy. Which is they are trying to establish an Islamic Theocracy in a United Palestine. And until Hamas is either out of the picture or puts down their arms and perhaps will have to recognize Israel. Palestine will never has their own Independent State, Israel and America will never allow it and have the power to stop it. Hamas as well as the Palestinian Authority in West Bank not being able to defend themselves. And do their part to stop Terrorist Attacks in West Bank and Israel. As well as the Palestinian Authority's own corruption issues in their government and as well as the Far Right in Israel. Is what's keeping Palestine from getting their Independent State and until these issues are resolved. Palestine will always be a part of Israel for good or bad, in my opinion bad.

So what needs to happen for Palestine to be an Independent State or at least be Independent of Israel, they need to crack down on the corruption in the Palestinian Authority. Empower that government to be able to govern and defend West Bank and I believe Gaza as well. And this is not something that Palestine can't do from themselves, they'll need help from Israel, America, perhaps Egypt, the Arab League. I believe the European Union, perhaps NATO and the United Nations. To build up Palestine's Security Forces, Military and Law Enforcement so the Palestinian Authority has the resources to govern and defend Palestine in a responsible way. And then Palestine will need help cracking down on Hamas and getting them out of the picture. Or to get them to put down their arms and become a responsible Political Party and nothing else. And then Palestine will need help from Israel to link West Bank with Gaza, so palestinians can go through Palestine to get from West Bank to Gaza and vice versa. Instead of having to drive through South Israel or flying through South Israel to get from one State to another.

When all these issues are resolved, then Palestine will be ready for Independent Statehood as far as I'm concern. But long term I believe it would be in the interest of Palestine and these other Levantine States. Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. To form a United Republic and country to merge. All of these States are made up of Levantine Arabs or thats the majority population in each of these States. Syria is a pretty good size country by itself, about the size of Iraq. But Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine are all very small, in area and in population. A combine population of 14M people but together with Syria would represent a nation of 37M people and physically be about the size of Afghanistan. This would be a big country with a fairly well educated population and Middle Class. But with a lot of work to do, it would be a Developing Country starting out. And after the conflict in Syria is settled, with hopefully the Assad Regime falling. And a responsible government coming to power, I believe this could be an option for them.

Palestine I believe will be independent of Israel down the line but it can't happen now, they are not ready for it. There several steps that need to happen first, they are not Egypt or Libya or Syria. That can just rebuild or in this case build their country and replace one government with another on their own. They are going to need help including from Israel to make this happen for them.

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