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Monday, September 19, 2011

Charities Struggle to Cope With Rising U.S. Poverty: What we can do about it

The rising increase in American Poverty is related to the rising decline of our economy. Fewer people spending money, fewer people working, more people collecting Public Assistance. Public and Private Public Assistance and of course we as a country should help these people out when they are struggling. But what I'm arguing for is that we do more as a country then the are doing to help people in need. We do things that can not only help people survive their circumstances but empower them to get themselves our of their current circumstances. So they can get a good job and be able to take care of themselves, so they no longer need Public Assistance. But as we are doing these things, we need to get the economy going. Get out of this "Great Recession" and recover from it. Instead of struggling to recover from the "Great Recession". Because we can have the best Anti Poverty policy's possible but without a strong economy. Even though they will help some people, they won't do much to bring down our Poverty Rate. With now 46M people living in poverty in America, we have an official Poverty Rate of 16%. And a Economic Growth Rate of 1%, not nearly high enough to bring down our Poverty Rate. To give you some evidence of that, we had a record low Poverty Rate of 13% in the 1990s. By the late 90s but that was also a boom decade where we created 24M jobs in that decade and ended the 90s with 4.5% unemployment. Its a lot easier to bring down the Poverty Rate when the economy is growing, people have and are spending money. And employers not only have money to spend but are spending it and are hiring new workers. Including people on Public Assistance who went back to school to get a good job.

With our increase Poverty Rate, people are collecting more Food Assistance as well as Housing Assistance after losing their homes. So we need to as a country set up systems that deals with our Homeless Population. People losing their homes, the Food Insecure and of course the Unemployed. By of course helping them survive their current circumstances but helping them get through it and on their feet. Set up a Food Assistance System that empower Food Banks but also have other Food Centers. That are located in areas with high Food Insecurity but also helps these people get on their feet. A Housing Assistance System that gives people a temporary place to stay and more for one night or a few nights as well. But again helps them get on their feet so they can get a good job and have their own place to stay and can afford to live their. And a Unemployment Insurance System that not only helps people get by while they are unemployed. But helps them get back to work and also retrained so they can work in other fields.

People going to Food Banks and getting help from other Private Charities as well as collecting Public Assistance. Is nothing new at all especially in the "Great Recession". And is just more good evidence that poverty is a big deal and problem in America. And that we have people that are literally struggling to survive. To pay their rent, have enough grocery's and make sure they can cover their Healthcare Costs. And is more evidence that we need to address these issues as well as moving the economy again. So we have more people working and being Self Sufficient and less people suffering.

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