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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Alternative Sentencing For Drug Possession: Alternative Sentencing for Non Violent Inmates

The reasons why we have 2M people in prison is because we arrest people for too many things, we keep people in prison too long, we don't prepare inmates for life on the outside. And they end up going back to prison after they originally get out. We have the largest Prison Population in the World and its also very expensive, that we now spend more money on our Corrections System in America then we spend on Public Education and infrastructure. For example we lock up people in prison for essentially what they do to themselves, like with our War on Drugs where we lock up people for using narcotics. Our War on Gambling where we lock up people for gambling their own money. Or War on Prostitution where we lock up people for making money having sex. Another reason for our overcrowded prisons are we now house the Mentally Ill in our prisons, where they need to be in Mental Hospitals instead. And because of the Domestic Wars in America, we have overcrowded prisons all over America, filled with people for committing crimes that have to relate to what people do to themselves and not what they do to others. Which means we are left with less prison space for actual dangerous criminals, people who actually represent a threat to others and society as a whole. Prisons are designed to house dangerous people, people who've committed crimes against society not themselves. They are designed in a way to protect society by keeping these dangerous felons, the murderers, rapists, gangsters, terrorists away from society. So they can't hurt other people, they are not designed to babysit people that can take care of themselves and aren't a threat to anyone.

The good news is that we can do better, there are better ways to how we deal with Crime and Punishment in America. With Alternative Sentencing for our Non Violent offenders. Like our Drug Addicts where they and society would be better off with them in Drug Rehab and Halfway Houses where they can get help for their addiction. And be Productive Citizens in Society, where it wouldn't even cost Tax Payers a dime because they would pay for their rehab and Room and Board by working. And with our Domestic Wars on Crimes, we need to stop fighting them because we've lost them. If people want to do something bad enough in society, they'll find a way to do it, whether its legal or not and the hell with the consequences. So we need to recognize this obvious fact and realize that prohibition in these cases don't work. And we should instead legalize these things that are currently crimes. Like prostitution, gambling, marijuana but bring them out in the open with regulation and taxation, so we have some control in how these activities are conducted.

Alternative Sentencing is exactly that, and alternative approach to fighting crime in America and to make our society safer. And our Corrections System more Cost Effective, so its no longer a Money Pit. Which is better off for everyone involved including the inmates and their family's as well.

Click on the link of the blog to see a video about Alternative Sentencing

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